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Leftovers Happen
The question is, "how responsibly are you managing it?"
Good for you, Your Kitchen
& the Planet
Waste Disposal Now Made Simpler
Compos(t)ing Value From Waste
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The Driving Force behind our SuccessTechnology is the cornerstone of sharp products and services, given the fast pace of change in technology.
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Strict to ensure safety and longevity of products
By applying rigorous standards of quality, sharp has been able to deliver sustained success through the years.
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Inspired to perform for over two decades Technology performance is driven by commitment - to values, to the customer, to processes at Sharp. Every customer is important.
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Point industries

Sharp Food-Waste Disposer

Point Industries is a premium manufacturer and supplier of waste management products like Food waste disposers, Domestic crushers etc. Our products will help consumers to keep their kitchen/s very clean. Wastes can get accumulated in your kitchen sink and if those are not disposed properly, the kitchen environment can be subjected to hygienic issues. Our top notch products will make sure your kitchen sinks are being clean and the food wastes gets disposed on time. Our crusher products help to grind garbage wastes and maintain your kitchen germ free.

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food waste crusher

An Integral Part of Your Kitchen

Sharp Food Waste Disposer

Sharp food waste disposer is a premium manufacturer providing all kinds of organic Waste management solutions from the house of Sharp. We curate products that are good for you, your kitchen, and the planet!

An ideal ingredient for every kitchen

We all hate the sight of overflowing garbage, which attracts pests and emits unpleasant odors. Sharp food waste disposer is an indigenous kitchen appliance that keeps leftovers and food scraps out of your trash, reducing kitchen odors and bacteria to keep your kitchen healthy and more hygienic.

A solution that is sustainable

Using a Sharp food waste disposer significantly reduces the amount of food waste taken to landfills, contributes to pollution reduction, and aids in creating value from waste.

We take environmental sustainability seriously, very seriously!

From climate change to global warming to natural resource depletion, kitchen waste has become a major problem threatening the environment. The real question is, “what are you doing to combat the catastrophic situation?”

Industries We Serve

Crush Your Food Wastes ! Cherish a better World !

Crusher is a food waste disposer from Sharp, a brand renowned for motors and pumps worldwide. Crusher ensures zero waste management system at both domestic and commercial environments.

Produced to perfection, Crusher eliminates food waste and brings in a hygienic environment. Crusher could handle various food wastes including meat bones in a matter of seconds. Crusher can efficiently grind food waste into tiny particles that can be simply flushed down the kitchen drain into a drainage pipe or the waste treatment plant.

Crusher can be easily fitted under the sink in a discreet manner without affecting the look and feel of your facility. Crusher has been developed to meet stringent industry standards, while taking cost-effectiveness into consideration.

Come play your responsible part today!