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Domestic Crusher

Original price was: ₹18,480.00.Current price is: ₹13,860.00.

Electric food waste disposer, a clean and convenient answer to kitchen waste. Crusher has heavy duty blades which grind garbage in seconds. This is flushed down the drain, leaving Your kitchen Clean, Dust free, Germ free and Odor free at all times.

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A filthy kitchen is the first place to bread germs! Clean up with Crusher!

Imagine this…

  • Considerable time in the Kitchen cleaning things is a frustrating daily affair.
  • Happy times with family, releative and friends compromised – thanks to Kitchen Prison.
  • Filthy kitchen table, choking sinks, overflowing dustbins, and criss-crossing cockroaches, house flies, ants and what not!
  • Is this a familiar scene?
  • You are not alone! Many households are daunted with the Kitchen menace!