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What Can You Put In A Food Waste Disposer?

You can essentially place any form of kitchen wet waste into a food waste disposer, as long as it’s biodegradable and suitable for disposal. This category of waste encompasses vegetable and food scraps, spoiled vegetables and foods, tender chicken and fish bones, eggshells, and the peels of nuts and fruits.

How Much Horse Power Do You Need In A Garbage Disposer?

The power requirement is contingent upon the household size. A ½ HP unit is suitable for a four-person household, while for larger families, opting for a machine exceeding 1 HP is recommended for effective kitchen waste management. In commercial settings such as restaurants, canteens, hotels, and other similar establishments, a continuous food waste disposer is essential. This type of unit can run non-stop and handle the volume of wet waste effectively.

What Cannot Go Into A Kitchen Sink Disposer?

Food waste disposal refers to the responsible management of organic kitchen waste. Items such as tissues, wood, paper, and plastic coverings should not be introduced into the food waste disposer. Only materials derived from food, such as bones, eggshells, peels, nut and fruit scraps, as well as other items like spoiled food and flowers, are suitable for disposal in the kitchen sink unit.

How Does A Food Waste Disposer Work?

The operation of a food waste disposal machine involves three straightforward stages:

  • Place the garbage disposal unit into the kitchen sink.
  • Deposit the food waste into the sink and turn on the tap.
  • Activate the food waste crusher, which efficiently absorbs and crushes all the waste
How do I keep my disposal unit performing as good as new?

Engineered for maintenance-free operation, the key to ensuring its optimal condition is consistent usage. To maintain its performance, rinse it thoroughly with a gentle flow of cold water after each use.

It has stopped working and there seems to be no power

The overload protector may have engaged to safeguard the motor from strain. Ensure the power is OFF, inspect the disposer’s interior for any foreign objects like metal utensils, and remove them. Push the reset button located on the disposer’s base to reactivate the motor. If power isn’t restored, examine the plug connection.        

How noisy are food waste disposers?

Remarkably silent… much quieter than most anticipate. The motors are notably hushed, and specific models even come with enhanced quietness attributes.

how can we install it under a double bowl sink?

You can install it in either outlet of the two available bowls.

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