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Waste Manager

It can be adapted to your specific kitchen and working environment, regardless of size and layout. Immediate and efficient removal of food waste is necessary in every kitchen. Using this machine, food waste can hygienically and easily be taken care of and reduce the quantum of food waste.


  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Canteens
  • Supermarkets
  • Refectories
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Waste processing
capacity per Hr -kgs

Power Rating

Inlet f.size

WM 1050


0.75 / 1.0


WM 2050


1.5 / 2.0


WM 3050


2.25 / 3.0


SHARP-WASTE MANAGER – consists of three process

  • Crush the waste into pulp or granules. Densification to reduce volume or preparation for downstream processing operation.
  • Dewater the waste up to 60 %.
  • Pumping system – for cleaning crusher and dewatering system

  • Crusher could handle all type of organic waste like left over foods, vegetable waste, garden waste, bones, fruit peel etc., into very tiny particles. Inside the crusher, the impeller with replaceable cutting edges rotates inside the stationary teeth ring, which macerates the waste into small particles up to 7 mm.

    Stationary teeth ring, investment casted chromium steel, machined and hardened for maximum cutting efficiency. Impeller is made of wear resistance chromium steel with replaceable cutting inserts. There are three hammers with more blows per revolution and better balance rotation. Motors are developed and manufactured for continuous and intermittent application. Available in both F class and H class insulation.

    Built in Dewatering system removes the excess liquid from the crushed waste by the principle of screw pressing. The squeezed water then left to drain and dewatered waste collected in a bin for further process. It can be used as biomass for bio gas plant and can be converted into manure.

    The waste manager is having capacity max.700 kgs per hour and handle variety of waste. The product is designed to ensure easy handling and efficient operation.

  • Instant waste disposal,
  • No food waste clogging your sink and waterways,
  • Clean and clear dustbins
  • Hygienic environment,
  • Both dewatering and volume reduction options helps in labour saving, storage saving, energy and transport saving
  • Both dewatering and volume reduction options helps in labour saving, storage saving, energy and transport saving